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Not everyone who is first introduced to the St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) understands the relationship between St. Croix Valley Foundation and its ten affiliated community foundations. It’s simple really. SCVF supports the needs of the volunteer-run affiliated foundations by providing administrative, charitable and investment expertise; economies of scale; and a shared love for and understanding of The Valley.

The ten affiliated community foundations cover an area of six-counties (on both sides of the St. Croix River). The affiliates bring local expertise, energy and a knowledge of key relationships (volunteers, business leaders, nonprofits) to help SCVF create even greater impact within served communities.

The affiliates, as operating divisions of SCVF, derive their charitable status from SCVF and operate within the parameters of its bylaws. Affiliates count on SCVF for support and guidance. That support includes 501(c)3 nonprofit status credentials, fiduciary expertise, board and committee guidance, and office and staff support. In addition, SCVF can accept more complex philanthropic gifts on behalf of the local affiliate (appreciated property, stock transfers, qualifies IRA distributions, etc.).

Although every community has unique needs and goals, certain issues touch communities region-wide (affordable housing challenges, opiate addiction, food insecurity, etc.). SCVF can coordinate efforts to address these issues among affiliates in order to deepen the impact region wide.

SCVF fosters local philanthropy to address community needs. By serving donors who support a more vibrant St. Croix Valley, SCVF – and its ten affiliated community foundations – works to identify needs and address local and regional issues.

Together, donors, volunteers and nonprofits fill this Valley with an extraordinary can-do spirit.


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