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This series focused on how to keep our unique region and its communities healthy, thriving, and better able to withstand unexpected challenges.

Since 2004, Conversations of the Valley has been a forum for community members to learn and talk about issues important for our region. Attendees gain insight which often leads to meaningful action.


- Topics are presented 4 times per year via Zoom.

- FREE. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link.

- Each topic is summarized below.

Regional Resiliency

--Topics and Presenters--

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"Childcare's Role In Community Resiliency"

Wed. May 10, 2023

Renee Ernsting, Childcare Partnership and

Kari Stattelman, First Children's Finance

Childcare has been increasingly cited as one of the most difficult workforce challenges in today's economy. Renee Ernsting, Childcare Partnership, and Kari Stattelman, First Children’s Finance will present the scope of the problem, define the core issues, and identify potential innovations and policy changes needed to move toward solutions.

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"Resilient Main Street - Resilient Region"

Wed. Apr 12, 2023

Heidi Swank, Executive Director of Rethos

Main Street is the heart and soul of a community contributing to community pride, tourism, and a strong local economy. Heidi will present opportunities that are available to revitalize main streets and help communities think of Main Street more regionally.  

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"Community Resiliency and Entrepreneurship"

Wed. Feb. 8 2023

Tessa Conroy, Professor, UW-Madison  

Professor Conroy addressed:  entrepreneurs do more than create jobs and support economic growth – they contribute to the sense of place and quality of life in communities.

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 "What Makes For A Resilient Community?"

Presented Wed. Jan. 11, 2023

Steven Deller, Professor, Community Development Specialist, UW-Madison.  

Professor Deller addressed: Why are some communities more resilient to shocks? What can communities do to improve their ability to rebound? 

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