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For Donors.

from Fund Advisers

When you wish to make a grant to an eligible nonprofit organization from your
established fund, please use the GRANTS tab from your Donor Advisor Portal.

Did You Know...?
-- We've established an online Donor Advisor Portal for your convenience.
-- If you haven't signed into the Donor Advisor Portal, Sally can help.
-- It's easy! It's convenient!

Not a Portal Person? No worries!
-- We'll always keep a .PDF Grant Recommendation Form  available for those who prefer to download, print and mail/email. 


Quarterly statements provide fund balances for the funds you advise. Fund statements indicate the portion of funds available to distribute or grant to a nonprofit organization, and any grant-ready funds that have rolled back into your fund (grant-ready funds not previously distributed). Fund statements are available to view via the Donor Advisor Portal. If you have any question about your fund statement, please contact Sally Hermann.



Change is a part of life. If you'd like to consider other  ways to contribute to the quality of life in the St. Croix Valley, feel free to give us a call. There are many philanthropic pathways that could meet your needs today or in the future.

Heather Logelin would be happy to talk with you about options. 

Thank You.

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