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Join us to discover how intentionally fostering an attachment to place can impact economic growth, attract and retain residents, and build thriving communities.

We are grateful and honored that the following speakers will be part of Conversations of the Valley :

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TOPIC :            "Making The Case For Place"

DATE :              Wed. Jan 12, 2022

TIME :               12 noon - 1:00 pm

FEATURING :   Dr. Katherine Loflin -"The City Doctor" 

                          Lead consultant and national expert on                                the Knight Foundation

                          Soul of the Community Project

What does PLACEMAKING mean for a community?  Why is it important? How does attachment to place relate to economic growth and opportunity?  What can you do, in your community, to develop PLACE?

There is no fee for this event.


TOPIC :            "The Built Environment"

DATE :              Wed. Feb 9, 2022

TIME :               12 noon - 1:00 pm

FEATURING :   The Hon. John Robert Smith

                          on behalf of Smart Growth America

Planning for the future now... because the way our communities are planned, designed, and built has an enormous impact on how well we ALL live.

 There will be no fee for this event.

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TOPIC :            "Building A Welcoming Community"

DATE :              Wed. Mar 9, 2022

TIME :               12 noon - 1:00 pm

FEATURING :   A panel including representatives of

                          The University of MN Extension,

                          International Institute of MN


Why it is important for communities to be welcoming? What resources are available to make your community more welcoming? Who is coming to our region and why are they important to builidng a thriving community?

 There will be no fee for this event.


TOPIC :            "Creative Placemaking"

DATE :              Wed. Apr 13, 2022

TIME :               12 noon - 1:00 pm

FEATURING :   Jennifer Hughes, National Endowment                              For The Arts & Laura Zabel, Springboard                            For the Arts  


How do the arts contribute to economic growth, transform neighborhoods, and help connect people to place? 

 There will be no fee for this event.

Conversations of the Valley is a community speaker series that's been informing and inspiring since 2004.

The purpose is to bring community members together to address issues relevant to the St. Croix Valley region. 


By talking about issues, discussing them, and asking questions,

community members gain insights which often lead to meaningful action.


Topics are presented 4 times per year.

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