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"A reckoning on race relations" is how many in the media have characterized the events and responses that we've all experienced or witnessed in 2020. Conversations of the Valley aims to take what can sometimes seem like far off voices in the national media -- and bring some of those voices a little closer to home.


We are grateful and honored that the following speakers will be a part of Conversations of the Valley:

TOPIC :            "Eliminating the Power of Racial Stereotypes Through

                          Authentic Relationships"

DATE :              Wed. May 19, 2021

TIME :               12 noon - 1:00 pm

FEATURING :   Alexs D. Pate, Author, President/CEO of Innocent Technologies

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There is no fee for this event.

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Jason Jackson:

"Identifying, Resisting, Responding to Racism"





This event took place Wed. Nov 18, 2020

Dr. Bill Green:

"What Happened in This Region To Create Disparities Black Americans Still Experience Today?" 




This event took place Wed. Jan 20, 2021

Jason Jackson,

M.A.,Strategic Diversity Initiatives

Dr. Bill Green,

Ph.D., J.D., Professor, Augsburg University

Dr. Gwen Westerman

"Travelways of the Dakota People in the St. Croix River Valley"




This event took place Wed. Mar 17, 2021

Dr. Gwen Westerman

Ph.D., Artist, Poet, Historian, Teacher

Conversations of the Valley is a community speaker series that's been informing and inspiring since 2004.

The purpose is to bring community members together to address issues relevant to the St. Croix Valley region. 


By talking about issues, discussing them and asking questions,

community members gain insights which often lead to meaningful action.


Topics are presented 4 times per year.

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