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Woman Painting
Woman making a painting at easel


The St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) recognizes that participation in arts and cultural activities enriches the region’s quality of life, promotes interaction among residents, and builds community across diverse groups. Therefore, the Valley Arts Initiative grant program intends to fund high-quality arts experiences – supporting artists and nonprofits, engaging the community, and ultimately fostering a rich and diverse arts ecosystem in the St. Croix Valley.   

Application process is now open. 

Please click here begin the application process.

Application Live:
October 31, 2022

February, 2023

Application due:

 December 23, 2022

Music Class


This grant program was made possible by a donor whose gift established an endowed fund specifically for music education. The donor, a former music teacher, wanted to give the gift of music to students, pre-school through high school. The goal of this grant program is to enhance the quality of music education programs in area schools.   

The application process is closed; please check back in Fall 2023. 

Application due:

 October 24, 2022

 Application Live:

 August 22, 2022

December, 2022

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This spring, the SCVF and all ten Affiliates collaborated on the second annual Vibrant Communities Mental Health grant program. This grant program supports organizations addressing the behavioral health needs of our communities to promote good mental health - funding both intervention for individuals experiencing mental illness and efforts that prevent mental illness and encourage resiliency.


This year, the SCVF reviewed 53 applications requesting over $380,000; together with our Affiliates, the SCVF awarded over $153,136 to 38 organizations. Click here to preview the grant recipients.  

Application process closed; please check back in Winter 2023. 

Click map to view SCVF's six-county service area, and the ten affiliated community foundations that serve specific areas and communities.

Application Due
March 14, 2022

May, 2022

Sun-splashed shops in a quaint business
sunny houses along a Main Street

Each of our 10 affiliated community foundations administer grant-making independently, for the benefit of their individual communities. If you have a community-centered project, please contact the appropriate affiliated community foundation for their priorities, application deadlines and process.

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