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Your team at SCVF is committed to providing responsive, secure, ONLINE ACCESS to your philanthropic fund information. We are excited to launch this Donor Advisor Portal and stand ready to assist you with any questions. 

Accessing The System Is As Easy As 1-2-3


Establish Your Password

You will receive an email from

St. Croix Valley Foundation

Look for

SCVF Donor Advisor Online Access in the subject line.


Follow the instructions to create a password for your account. Your username is your email address.


Make note of the password you create as SCVF staff will not have access to your password.


Access The System

You can access the Donor Advisor Portal at any time. Simply go to and click “Donor Advisor Portal” in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.


Click the login button, enter your username (your email address) and password, and then select the fund you’d like to review.



Utilize The System

The opening screen provides an at-a-glance list of recent contributions received into the account and grants paid out of the account.


You will also see the current balance and spendable balance.


The current advisors for the fund are listed just below the balance figures. Note that each person listed as Donor Advisor will have similar access to this Donor Advisor Portal.

 The Donor Advisor Portal

- Here's What You'll See -

John Doe Example Fund Grab.jpg

What information do the blue tabs provide? *

 Home. -- This tab always brings you back to the starting window shown above

 Choose Fund.-- A listing of each fund you advise. Fund information is presented individually. If you advise multiple funds, statement information is provided per fund

 Contribution. -- A listing of dollars put into your fund

 Grants. -- Donations made, amounts, dates, whether or not it's a recurring donations and to what nonprofit(s)

 Grant Request. -- Grants (donations) that are in process

 Fund Statements. -- A listing of Statement, Date Range , Status

 Files. -- A place to keep any documents, signed instructions, etc. related to your fund

 Donate. -- This tab will take you to a Donation Portal specific to your fund where credit card donations into your fund can be processed. Only named Advisors have access to this unique Donations Portal into the fund. 

 Logout. -- Always exit through the Logout tab. 

*These blue tabs are common to most funds. Some funds may have additional tabs. If you have any questions about the information presented in association with the fund you advise, please contact us at: 


office: 715-386-9490

We're happy to answer any questions!  

Frequently Asked Questions

I've lost my password. What do I do?

PW icon.png

For security, SCVF staff cannot access your password. If you lose track of your password, simply click the Forgot Password? link at login.

I don't see recent activity reflected in the portal. Why not?

You'll see transactions in your portal the moment they are recorded by our staff. If you don’t see a specific donation or grant/expense, it is likely still in the process of data entry. If a day or two has passed and you still don’t see your transaction, please contact Sally Hermann at or call 715-386-9490

I have other questions about the portal -or- I'd like additional assistance.

Q icon.png

Absolutely! We are always available to help, advise and assist you. We want this to be a convenient, useful tool for our donor advisors. If you're having any difficulties, please call us and we'll help get it sorted. 

715-386-9490 or

Donor Advisor Portal access is always available at the top right of the homepage of the St. Croix Valley Foundation website.


Here is an additional access point for you.

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