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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

St. Croix Valley Foundation honors its relationships with its donors. These relationships have been built over decades and are often handed forward from one era of committed staff and board members to the next. It is a delicate precious thing this donor trust. And much like the philosophy of caring for a precious child, it takes a village.

The village at St. Croix Valley Foundation begins with its volunteer board members. They come from professional lives in business, finance, banking and more. As a group they challenge assumptions, ask hard questions and hold the organization to exacting standards. Next, SCVF's independent auditors, Akins Henke & Company, review annual standing and filings. The Foundation is served by investment advisor Fund Evaluation Group, LLC with Managing Principal/OCIO Advisor Richard Grzymajlo serving as investment strategist. Important local financial institution for all day-to-day financial needs is First State Bank & Trust. They not only fulfill an important daily financial role for SCVF but they are supporters and friends of SCVF as each organization serves and cares deeply about the same communities. A subset of the SCVF Board is its Finance and Investment Committee. These 8 committed volunteers utilize the services and advice of proven advisors to keep SCVF growing toward a strong future for the Valley.

St. Croix Valley Foundation's village is caring, smart, professional, has integrity, and holds donor trust like the precious beautiful gift that it is.


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