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The Sterbenz-Ryan Scholarship was established in 2016 by local businessmen

Richard Sterbenz and Martin Ryan who wanted to"give kids like them a shot at life they never had.” 


Approximately 100 scholarships/year of $2,000 will be offered to eligible traditional and non-traditional students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend a public post-secondary school in MN or WI due to challenging life circumstances and financial constraints.

If you are renewing your Sterbenz-Ryan Scholarship, you must enter a provided  access code.

Do NOT complete a new application; instead, reach out for your access code to:

Sterbenz-Ryan Scholarship Information

to post and share

NOTE: Apply only one time, even if you believe you may qualify for multiple scholarships. Based upon your responses, the system will load additional scholarship questions OR let you know that you do not qualify for any scholarships.

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