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Nonprofit agencies are vital to the health, stability and growth of our region. Strong, well-funded nonprofits catalyze change, address needs and mitigate challenges. Vibrant nonprofits and healthy communities go hand in hand.

In addition to its work with individual, family and corporate donors, the St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) works closely with area nonprofits. By managing permanently endowed funds for nearly 100 area nonprofits, SCVF helps these organizations focus - forever - on the causes that define them.

The St. Croix Valley Foundation establishes and monitors long-term investment strategies for endowed funds in order to maximize fiscal growth. SCVF also manages all financial reporting related to the nonprofit organization's endowment. Additionally, SCVF can accept gifts of appreciated stock or gifts of property that many smaller nonprofits are not equipped to accept.

By managing endowed funds for nonprofits, SCVF learns about their needs, goals and aspirations and helps connect them with funding sources, volunteers and other area resources. SCVF also encourages nonprofit education and development by sponsoring training sessions on board development, capacity building and other topics.

· Endowment Fund Management

· Capacity Building

· Grant Making

The St. Croix Valley Foundation wants every nonprofit in the region to focus on what they do best. Interested in how a partnership with SCVF could benefit your nonprofit organization? – Call or stop in.


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