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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Margi Miller is our Chief Operating Officer and has been with St. Croix Valley Foundation since 2008. In 2014 she added a few letters to her name – CFRE. There’s little explanation to accompany the letters, the designation is not well known and Margi is not likely to talk about herself when she’d much rather focus on donors and volunteers.

So allow me to explain on her behalf. CFRE stands for Certified Fund Raising Executive. It’s a rigorous education program with a certification exam and requirements for regular re-certification. The CFRE program is the only accredited, globally recognized certification for fundraising professionals.

As giving options were becoming more sophisticated, St. Croix Valley Foundation needed a staff member who was well-versed in philanthropic giving practices and who could work effectively with a variety of donors and nonprofit partners (and their financial advisors) to fulfill their philanthropic goals. Margi met that challenge and dove into the rigors of CFRE training and certification.

Margi has helped donors establish funds at St. Croix Valley Foundation from stock transfers, real estate assets, bequests, qualified distributions from retirement funds, repositioning of existing family foundations, etc.

But the real asset you’ll experience when working with Margi is not her knowledge of philanthropic best practices; rather it will be her genuine interest in, and appreciation and respect for, you, the donor. And that’s something no one learns from a book.

Heather Logelin, President

St. Croix Valley Foundation


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