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St. Croix Valley Foundation Donors Support (Previously) Unfunded Grants

One of the greatest advantages of working with the St. Croix Valley Foundation is that the staff knows its donors and nonprofit partners -- and fund advisors feel comfortable contacting staff or dropping by with a question.

This familiarity often leads to greater good for the Valley. For example, when the St. Croix Valley Foundation or an affiliated community foundation receives worthy grant requests but has exhausted available resources, a call or email may go out to individuals who have Donor Advised Funds and an interest in causes akin to the unfunded grant request.

This philanthropic matchmaking has resulted in needed support for many worthy projects, including a dementia support program, a district-wide 4th grade field trip to Orchestra Hall, extra food for local food shelves, and a rickshaw bicycle to allow less mobile seniors access to outdoor activities.

There is value in knowing each other, appreciating philanthropic goals and sharing a love for the St. Croix Valley. If you might be interested in supporting unfunded grant requests, please let us know. We’ll keep you informed of opportunities within your area of interest.


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