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As back-to-school activities get underway, it is gratifying to know that, because of the generosity of donors, 164 young people are off to post-secondary school this fall - young people who very likely would not be taking such a step without scholarship support.

This support is possible through St. Croix Valley donors sharing their hopes and generosity with St. Croix Valley students to foster new opportunities, new horizons and future citizens.

The scholarships, totaling $284,000 this year, came from 57 unique funds managed and administered by St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF). SCVF staff works with donors one-on-one to ensure that scholarships are created to exactly meet donor intent.

Since its founding in 1995, St. Croix Valley Foundation has managed 7,095 grants and scholarships totaling $23.3 million. “It’s such an honor to manage these scholarship funds for donors and fulfill their wishes for students,” says Heidi Herron, Scholarship Associate. “And it’s such a joy to learn of the tremendous impact a scholarship is having on a young life.”

Endowed scholarships live forever, supporting educational needs year after year – making a monumental impact on individuals, families, the workforce and communities. Other scholarships are created to meet immediate needs with a set amount of funds used over a limited time period.

The right way to support students is the way that best meets donor needs and intentions.

This community is fortunate to have so many donors who believe in the transformative power of education and so many motivated students ready to meet the educational challenges before them.


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