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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

With a committed future-focused board of directors as well as new staff leadership, St. Croix Valley Foundation has tackled what is arguably its most important client contact and public outreach tool - its website. Creating the new website

involved (and continues to involve) understanding evolving constituent needs, assessing the old structure, and imagining... imagining what a website for St. Croix Valley Foundation could be, how it could serve, and understanding current and future user group expectations.

Certain standards guided the development of this new site; a pared down structure, cleaner design, clear useful content, functionality that improves how SCVF communicates with constituents, and fresh timely information.

The board and staff of SCVF hopes you find the site useful, easy to navigate, and a resource you'll come back to often (and pass on to others!). Feedback is welcome and appreciate. That's the beauty of web design - it's a flexible tool that will continue to grow and change with St. Croix Valley Foundation long into the future.


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