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Forever Loved and Supported: A New Partnership with Hastings Public Schools

For decades the Hastings Public Schools Foundation (HPSF) had been raising money for an endowment that would forever support teachers and staff who present creative, unique and special ideas to enhance student learning. The community leaders involved in building the endowment hoped to grow it to a point where it could be meaningfully self-sustaining. When they reached that monetary milestone, they went looking for a trusted partner to manage the fund and oversee grant commitments in perpetuity. The partner they selected was the St. Croix Valley Foundation.

Above: Smiling staff from Hastings Public Schools pose with a banner for the Hastings Public Schools Foundation.

"The St. Croix Valley Foundation is honored to have been chosen by the HPSF board as the perfect fit to ensure that its endowment will continue to support students at Hastings Public Schools for generations to come," said Heather Logelin, St. Croix Valley Foundation President and CEO.

In May of 2022, the HPSF transferred its endowment of over $2 million to the St. Croix Valley Foundation. Going forward, eligible K-12 educators and staff can request SPARK grants (previously known as "What If?" grants) now administered by District #200 with the support of the St. Croix Valley Foundation. SPARK grants will be available annually beginning in 2024.

Thanks to this new partnership, supporters of Hastings Public Schools can be confident that their gifts to the IDS #200 SPARK Grants Fund will be professionally managed and invested, providing annual grants to support Hastings students - forever.

"With profound gratitude, HPSF board members thank all prior board members, officers, donors, volunteers, educators, and community supporters who so generously gave of their time, talent, and treasure to make the dream of building a lasting endowment a reality," said HPSF board members. "Special thanks go to the late Ebba Hoffman who was the first to support the dream and served as HSPF president, and to Sharon Hoffman Avent who supported the continued march toward this 2023 milestone."

Current HPSF Board Members: Dr. Chris Johnston, Jean Langlais, Rita Molitor, Jake Moore, Leslie Nielsen, Jim Reissner, Jennifer Seubert, Joyce Sieben, Richard Welshons District #200 Current Superintendent: Dr. Tammy Champa


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