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Agency Funds for Beloved Nonprofits

There are many hidden gems throughout our region - nonprofit organizations that, while not widely known, are significantly impacting the lives of those they serve. Community Homestead is one such gem.

Above: community members enjoy life on the farm and in the greenhouse at Community Homestead in Osceola

Located just south of Osceola, Community Homestead is a life-sharing community where around 40 people of all ages and abilities pool their resources to create a sustainable rural life. Together, community members manage a vegetable garden, community support agriculture (CSA) program, bakery, food processing kitchen, and nature-based craft enterprise. Residents sell their produce and goods at local farmers markets, further connecting Community Homestead with the broader Valley.

Joel Nester moved to Community Homestead in 2002. His sister Mary Tomes, always her brother's advocate, later joined the Community Homestead board. To honor Joel's 20-year anniversary at Community Homestead, Mary and her husband Ken established an endowed agency fund to forever support the organization's work - and with hopes that others, whose lives have been impacted by the work of Community Homestead, would also consider forever gifts to this fund.

The St. Croix Valley Foundation manages long-term agency funds for 93 nonprofit organizations throughout the region. The Foundation's investment expertise and ability to accept complex gifts (stock, real estate, etc.) are just two of many reasons that nonprofit organizations choose to partner with us to establish and grow long-term funds. Like the fund established for Community Homestead, some agency funds were established by an individual donor on behalf of a nonprofit. Others were established by the nonprofit organization itself, shifting a portion of donated assets into an endowed fund with the St. Croix Valley Foundation to forever support future needs.

Regardless of their creation stories, the St. Croix Valley Foundation considers every agency fund organization a partner. In addition to managing and growing long-term assets, these partnerships often result in connections with potential new donors, previously unknown grant opportunities, and consulting services to help the nonprofit flourish - today and for generations to come.


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