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A Letter from Leadership: Announcing Our New Strategic Action Plan

It's been more than a decade since the last time St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) charted a course for future growth and impact through a comprehensive strategic planning process. Since then, our assets have more than doubled, we've increased annual grants and scholarships by $3.5 million, and the communities throughout our region have continued to grow and change. As we approached $100 million in assets, our board and staff agreed that it was time to engage stakeholders in the creation of new strategic plan.

We began the strategic planning process in mid-2022, reaching out to community members, nonprofit partners, donors, volunteers, and staff, asking, "What if?" What if we could significantly grow long-term assets that would enable us to forever respond to local needs more nimbly and flexibly? What if we aligned goals and strategies with our affiliates, coordinating both asset development and grantmaking across the region? What if we positioned ourselves for exponential growth and impact?

In short, we imagined what could be possible for the St. Croix Valley and what our role might in that transformative change.

What followed was our new Strategic Action Plan, grounded in the history of SCVF and the important partnerships we've developed in the 29 years since our founding - with a fresh perspective about how we might best work for the long-term benefit of the St. Croix Valley. We launch this strategic plan with excitement and the belief that we are stronger together. SCVF is well-positioned to lift up philanthropy throughout our region, with a focus on legacy gifts that will significantly impact the communities we serve - now and forever.


Jim Ellis | Board Chair Heather Logelin | President & CEO

Jim Ellis | Board Chair Heather Logelin | President & CEO

2024 Board Members: Jim Ellis, Ann Herzog Drewiske, Dennis Duerst, Greg Bernard, Rick Bonlender, Michelle Bredahl, Dave Dziuk, Jessica Ehrlichmann, Judy Freund, Dan Hoolihan, Gary Kelsey, Melanie Kleiss, Katrina Larsen, Linda Madsen, Buck Malick, Marsha Shotley, and Michel Tigan


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