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Investment Options

Donors expect the St. Croix Valley Foundation (SCVF) to manage assets carefully, to meet their philanthropic goals today and into the future. Assets are prudently invested to ensure grants can be made to address current community needs, while also preserving and increasing assets for future generations. Investments are monitored by our Finance and Investment Committee, which works closely with an investment advisor specializing in nonprofit investments.
SCVF offers four investment pools to meet your philanthropic objectives. You will want to select an investment pool that is aligned with your grantmaking timeline. We recommend that you review your expected grantmaking time horizon and investment allocations annually.

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Actual returns will fluctuate and may be negative from year to year. Investment expenses may vary due to changes in the portfolio. Investment expenses do not include the administrative fee charged by SCVF. This publication provides general information. SCVF is not engaged in rendering legal, financial or tax advice; as such, please consult with your financial or legal advisor.


More information on the St. Croix Valley Foundation ESG option.

For additional information on any Fund Portfolio option, please contact:



Director of Finance & Operations

St. Croix Valley Foundation


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