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NOTE:   Apply Jan 1 - Mar 31

Apply only one time, even if you believe you may qualify for multiple scholarships.

Based upon your responses, the system will load additional scholarship questions OR let you know that you do not qualify for any scholarships.

Learn About Each Scholarship

And The Generous Donors Who Funded Or Inspired The Opportunities

Sterbenz-Ryan Scholarship --- College or Trade School

Mark Lightfoot Scholarship --- Welding via Northwood Tech/New Richmond

Tim Scott Scholarship --- College, Demonstrated Volunteerism

Kevin & Rita Vance Scholarship --- Tech/Trade School

Western WI Automotive Trades Scholarship --- Tech/Trade School

Dale Nordquist Scholarship --- Tech/Trade School

Frank Chaney Memorial Scholarship --- The Arts

Dale & Delores Willi Scholarship --- Music

Hudson Physicians Scholarship --- Healthcare Careers

Bethany's Butterflies --- For students with IEP's

"Which Scholarships Might I Qualify For?"


Find Scholarship Opportunities Listed By High School 

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