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Mission. Values. Strategic Plan. History.

Our mission is 

to enhance the quality of life in the St. Croix Valley.




We value the trust our partners place in us to manage philanthropic assets with accountability and confidentiality, to engage them in meaningful ways, and to assess and respond to the needs of the St. Croix Valley.



We ground our work in the deep sense of connection people have for the St. Croix Valley, a region of unique communities united by shared values and experiences.



We bring people together to build relationships, increase knowledge and create positive change. We welcome diverse perspectives and experiences, working towards equity in all that we do.



We support those wanting to give back to the community – today, tomorrow and forever.



We strive to ensure that our work – supporting donors, facilitating impactful grants and providing community leadership – truly improves quality of life in the Valley. 




We started the strategic planning process in mid-2022, reaching out to community members, nonprofit partners, donors, volunteers, and staff, asking "What if?"

What followed is a new strategic plan grounded in the history of St. Croix Valley Foundation and the important partnerships we've developed in the decades since our founding - with a fresh perspective about how we might best work for the long-term benefit of the St. Croix Valley.

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