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Through the kindness and generosity of donors, the tirelessness of volunteers, and the committed partnership of 

 ten affiliated community foundations,

the St. Croix Valley Foundation

is working to enhance the future for everyone throughout the St. Croix Valley.



Learn more in our

2022 Annual Report.


Get to Know Your Local Affiliated Community Foundation

Hello Fund Advisors! 

 Learn how to interact with your philanthropic fund information online.


For Area Nonprofit Organizations
Consultants in Service (C.I.S)

Helping small nonprofits improve efficiency, governance, and community impact by matching professional development needs with volunteer experts. 

from Fund Advisers

When you wish to make a grant to an eligible nonprofit organization from your established fund, please use the GRANTS tab from your Donor Advisor Portal.

Did You Know...?
-- We've established an online Donor Advisor Portal for your convenience.
-- If you haven't signed into the Donor Advisor Portal, Sally can help.
-- It's easy! It's convenient!

Not a Portal Person? No worries!
-- We'll always keep a .PDF Grant Recommendation Form  available for those who prefer to download, print and mail/email. 

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