The St. Croix Valley Foundation’s competitive grants programs are the result of the generosity of many wonderful donors who wished to support the people and the communities of the St. Croix Valley.

SCVF awards grants through the following grant programs:

Valley Arts Initiative – Projects that increase public understanding of, and access to, an array of artistic activities.  The online application is now open; to begin the application process, please click here.  The applications must be submitted by the end of the day on February 10, 2019; funding decisions will be made in April.

Other Interest Areas – SCVF will consider funding projects outside of these grant programs, although funding is very limited. If your organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and would like to be considered through this process, please contact Angie Pilgrim at 715-386-9490 or via email.

An organization is limited to one proposal for each grant program. An applicant may submit a proposal for a different SCVF grant program during the same grant cycle if they are eligible.

Donors to the SCVF have established a variety of grant programs representing interest areas and initiatives that offer annual grants to deserving organizations. Donors can contribute to these existing funds or create their own to represent their own charitable interests.


The SCVF provides donors with the opportunity to create or add to Valley Impact Funds for causes that are closest to their hearts. The Foundation has funds addressing a variety of causes including music education, the arts, health and wellness, the environment, and animals. The advantage of these funds is their mission is unchanging yet they remain current and flexible. We cannot guess tomorrow’s issues or know which organizations can best address those issues at that time.

However, through Valley Impact Funds and the competitive grants programs, the SCVF places grant dollars in the most capable hands at the right time, in perpetuity.


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