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THIS is only an example page... This page is hidden/not live to the public

This is the URL to this page.

I have reached out to TinyURL to see if a paid account would allow for a true vanity URL (That doesn't have at the beginning).

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Do we anticipate only needing this one page with links to Foundant, links to PDFs etc. (for example-- the board, if they want to be listed, could be a PDF link. A calendar page with deadlines for the year could be a PDF link).

BUT -- if we/they anticipate the need for a multi-page site with some of these other "info areas" - let's answer that now.

Also - please look at the footer - how do we/they want to address the fact that questions come to a phone answered by SCVF, etc. Is the way I've done it on the right track? 

Once some of these questions are answered we can also address if we'd like Ejaz to design a FC&KCA logo beyond what I am able to construct here, or page design.

Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Foundation

Inquiries can be addressed via The St. Croix Valley Foundation or 715-386-9490

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