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The St. Croix Valley Foundation is your philanthropic partner.

There are many ways individuals, families, companies and organizations choose to partner with us.


You can:

  • Donate to an existing fund

  • Donate to a specific affiliated community foundation

  • Donate to a SCVF Field of Interest Fund (supporting Valley-centered initiatives in 4 areas: Health & Wellness, Music Education, Valley Arts, Environment

  • Give an unrestricted gift - allowing SCVF to focus proceeds where need is greatest​


  • Establish a new fund to meet your specific philanthropic goals


The St. Croix Valley Foundation manages nearly 500 charitable funds totaling over $80 million.



Does compassion have a size? No.

Some of our philanthropic partners make annual gifts to favorite causes of $100, $500, $1,000 annually.  Learn More

Some partners establish a Donor Advised Fund at or above the $10,000 establishment level.  Learn More

Some partners are organizations that establish an Agency Fund (a nonprofit agency) at or above $10,000. Learn More

Some partners establish a scholarship fund at or above the $25,000 establishment level. Learn More


If you are committed to impacting your community, now and long into the future, we'll work with you (and your professional advisor(s)) to make your philanthropic goals a meaningful and impactful reality. 


By DONATING to the St. Croix Valley Foundation (or one of our affiliated community foundations) by contributing to or establishing a fund, your gift gets reinvested in your community.

As community needs change over time, the St. Croix Valley Foundation can respond. Situations we can't imagine today (COVID is an example), could become funding priorities for tomorrow. Enhancing the quality of life in the St. Croix Valley is, forever, our paramount mission.  


There are so many ways people invest in their communities.

Contact Heather Logelin to discuss the many giving options available to you. 










Funding Options

Give To Your Local Community Foundation

Gifts to one of our ten affiliated community foundations directly support local grantmaking and programs impacting your home town.

Field of Interest Funds

You can designate your gift for specific grantmaking areas (music education, health & wellness, the arts, the environment). Board and community members ensure your dollars work hard to advance opportunities and programs within your area of interest.

Donor Advised Funds

By establishing a Donor Advised Fund, you essentially establish an individual, family or business foundation within SCVF. This offers tax advantages and a long-term plan for your philanthropic intentions.


Fund Holders utilize this GRANT RECOMMENDATION FORM to make disbursements of $100 or more from the fund to nonprofit organizations.

Designated Funds

Interested in regularly supporting specific nonprofit organizations, for several years or forever? A Designated Fund makes your annual giving easy and automatic – until you decide differently.

Scholarship Funds

St. Croix Valley Foundation has helped hundreds of donors establish scholarship programs. Each one is unique, and each scholarship fulfills a heartfelt legacy in support of educational advancement.

Agency Funds

Nonprofit organizations establish funds to take advantage of SCVF expertise in accepting complex gifts, investment protocols, and economies of scale, which create a long-term funding source for their programs, capital or operating needs.  RECOMMEND A DISBURSEMENT FROM YOUR FUND

St. Croix Valley Foundation Gift and Fund Acceptance Policies

Are Available Upon Request